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When Nike came out with the saying "Just Do it" I was hooked. I felt empowered, capable and fearless. Maybe it was a statement to not be afraid and put their shoes on to accomplish your goals. Whatever their thinking was, it clicked with something inside of me. I am motivated, driven and resilient. Tested mentally and physically through sports, professionally and in relationships. When I used the word "TRY", I knew I was setting myself up for failure. I mean seriously, its like going into something looking to brace your fall. Already creating a reality that 50 percent effort is okay. Am I being to dramatic about one word? "TRY" means make an attempt or effort to do something. Do means perform an action.

I mean think about it? If I said to you "TRY Again", I believe in you or said "Do it Again", I believe in you. Does either one really sound different? For me, it does. Both are empathetic statements, right? The first one sets the mindset that you might not accomplish the activity this time but its okay. The second one signals proceed forward, keep going and don't give up! Perform the action, without negative thoughts that you might not succeed.

I work with kids in sports and I often hear the word "TRY" from my players before performing a skill or if they made a mistake. I told them in this basketball organization that others try and we do. Accepting passive effort is the easiest way to set yourself up for excuses. Again, maybe the word "TRY" isn't that serious. What I can say is if I thought of the word "TRY" in my life more than the word do, I would not have achieved the successes, lessons and tools to grow. I challenge you to not use the word "TRY" for 30 days and believe in the power of "DO" and you might just be as cool as me.

Tori Moten

President and Founder, M.A.D.E. Team Sports, INC.

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