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Ballers In Training (7 - 9 years old)

Players ready to learn the terminology, foundations of ball handling, shooting, defense, & team play

  • 1 hour
  • Rock Creek Mill Road

Service Description

Get ready to ignite your child's basketball journey with "Ballers in Training," an immersive class designed to cultivate essential skills and introduce strategic concepts to young athletes aged 7 to 9. This dynamic program is tailored to empower your child with the tools they need to thrive on the court and beyond. About the Class: "Ballers In Training" is where young athletes begin their transformative basketball experience. Our experienced coaches provide expert guidance in a positive, growth-oriented environment that nurtures skill development, teamwork, and a genuine passion for the game. What We Cover: 🏀 Shooting Mastery: From layups to mid-range jumpers, kids learn shooting mechanics, focus, and consistency to become scoring powerhouses. 🏀 Dribbling Dynamics: Kids refine their ball-handling skills, mastering dribble moves and control techniques to outmaneuver opponents. 🏀 Defensive Excellence: Through drills and exercises, kids embrace the fundamentals of defense, including positioning, anticipation, and teamwork. 🏀 Rebounding Fundamentals: Kids understand the art of rebounding, learning techniques to secure boards on both ends of the court. 🏀 Strategic 3 on 3: We introduce fundamental 3 on 3 concepts, emphasizing spacing, passing, and decision-making within a game-like environment. Why Choose "Ballers in Training": ✔️ Skill Progression: Our curriculum is designed to support continuous skill growth as kids evolve as players. ✔️ Early Strategy: Introduction to game concepts helps kids grasp the strategic side of basketball from an early age. ✔️ Confidence Boost: Mastering core skills instills the confidence needed to excel in basketball and life. ✔️ Positive Community: Our class fosters sportsmanship, teamwork, and a lifelong love for active play. Enroll Your Baller in Training Today: Equip your child with the skills and strategies they need to shine on the basketball court. "Ballers In Training" sets the stage for a successful basketball journey filled with growth and excitement. Join us today to embark on this exciting adventure!

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  • MADE 2 Perform Basketball Center, Rock Creek Mill Road, Rockville, MD, USA


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