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Supporting Our Players

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  • Physical and Mental Health:

    • Providing resources for athletes to develop intrinsic motivation, recognizing that a positive mindset contributes to both physical and mental well-being. Encouraging players to appreciate their growth journey and celebrate every step towards their health goals.

  • Safe Training Environments:

    • Fostering an environment where players' safety is paramount, aligning with our vision of empowering athletes to make responsible choices that support their well-being.

  • Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation:

    • Teaching athletes the importance of injury prevention as part of their journey towards independence. Emphasizing the value of taking care of their bodies to achieve personal goals.

  • Mental Health Support:

    • Enabling athletes to understand the connection between mental health and achieving their aspirations. Equipping them with tools to build resilience and maintain a positive mindset through challenges.

  • Education and Life Skills:

    • Guiding athletes in achieving balance and setting priorities, aligning with our vision of nurturing independence and self-driven growth. Instilling the understanding that success extends beyond sports.

  • Child and Youth Athlete Protection:

    • Creating a culture where athletes feel empowered to stand up against inappropriate behavior, in line with our vision of fostering internal motivation and respect for oneself and others.

  • Fair Competition:

    • Promoting sportsmanship and fair play as valuable life lessons that align with our vision of nurturing personal growth and positive attitudes.

  • Parental Involvement and Communication:

    • Ensuring open communication with parents to align with our vision of fostering independence while keeping families involved in athletes' holistic development.

  • Equity and Inclusion:

    • Celebrating diversity and providing opportunities for athletes of all backgrounds to thrive, aligning with our vision of empowering individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve their unique goals.

  • Skill Development and Game Time:

    • Focusing on skill development resonates with our vision of helping athletes recognize the value of their personal growth. Ensuring each player has a chance to shine reinforces their sense of accomplishment. We also believe that game time is "Earned Competition" through maximum effort, attending practices, teamwork, and realistic evaluations of skill level, 

    • Grievance Procedures:

    • Empowering athletes to voice concerns aligns with our vision of promoting independence and self-advocacy. Resolving issues sensitively reflects our commitment to their well-being.

  • Athlete Education on Long-Term Development:

    • Guiding athletes to understand the long-term journey of growth and success resonates with our vision of instilling a positive mindset and appreciation for the process.

  • Fun and Enjoyment:

    • Creating enjoyable experiences for athletes aligns with our vision of fostering a love for the sport and a positive outlook, contributing to their personal journey.

  • Regular Review and Improvement:

    • Continuously evaluating and adapting the care plan reflects our commitment to supporting athletes' individual paths and the vision of their personal growth.


M.A.D.E. Basketball was founded in 2011 with the goal to bridge the gap between  AAU and recreational basketball. In our first season, we had 2 teams, 3 coaches and have grown to 17 teams.  We have been fortunate to have won many championships, traveled and developed solid student athletes. The biggest accomplishment is the mental, physical and social growth we have seen in players over the past 12 years.  Basketball is a medium for life!!


  1. Positive Attitude

  2. Respect

  3. Team work and Sportsmanship

  4. No excuses

  5. Effort First

  6. Challenge yourself

  7. No fear of making a mistakes

  8. Support each other

  9. Confidence

  10. 50/50 WE WIN

  11. Work Hard and play smart

  12. Never give up

  13. Be one time

  14. Compete

  15. Strong Moral Compass

  16. Fairness

  17. Empathy for others

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