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It is no secret student athletes are engrossed in technology, physical demands, social and academic pressures.  We often forget to stop and reflect, to regroup our thoughts to make purposeful decisions and gain new skills for optimal performance .  Basketball mirrors life! See what you want, assess the situation and go for it.  Putting your child in a connective basketball program is crucial to their on and off the court success and managing failures.  We also provide flexible scheduling and multi team opportunities for additional playing time.



1.  Repetitive drills to decrease unhealthy basketball mistakes​

2.  Qualified coaches (CPR, First Aid, USA Gold Coach, NAYS Certified, 2 background checks and 8 hours of M.A.D.E. Training

3.  14 - 17 games per season

4.  Performance training with One Life Fitness

5.  Players receive constructive feedback, positive encouragement and earned playing time

6.  Open lines on communication with the owner

7.  Player Resources to learn the M.A.D.E. Way and workshops to keep us all connected


  1. Improved vision on the court

  2. Plays with confidence, more freely

  3. Increased basketball I.Q. 

  4. Mastery on Fundamentals

  5. Good Character

  6. Team player

  7.  Understands late game situations and what you need to know

  8. A family of coaches, parents and teammates for life

  9. Well rounded student athlete

  10. Improved reactionary, agility and core strength

  11. Sets realistic goals and knows what role they fill on a team


Hours of operation 

Mon-Thu:12pm to 9pm

Friday: 5pm - 10pm

Sat: Varys

Sunday: 12pm to 7pm

12712 Rock Creek Mill RD.

Suite 1B

Rockville, MD 20852


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